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Thousander Club Update: June 11th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 262.25 (previous year) + 122.75 (current year) = 385 / 1000
Game Ideas: 616 (previous year) + 44 (current year) = 660 / 1000

I had a good start on Monday and Tuesday, refactoring my menu code. I wouldn’t have bothered, but I realized that I needed to add yet another menu to my game, and the existing code was just too complex. I’ve reduced some of the code duplication, but as I explored the code, I realized that I may need to change more than I originally thought.

I want to add configurable sound volume, various sound effects, and that darn instructions screen that people unknowingly request when they ask, “So, how do I play?”

Between playing Diablo 2 with friends, watching the United States play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup on television, and the day job, I’m surprised that I was as productive as I was. Perhaps I should make better use of my MythTV box and only watch the soccer games when I am too tired to work.