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300 Game Mechanics in 300 Days

While I’ve been fairly lax in coming up with 1000 game ideas for the Thousander Club, Sean Howard has set up a great challenge for himself. Three Hundred documents his attempt each day for 300 days to write about one original game mechanic that has never been used in a commercial game.

As of this writing, he is at mechanic #23, and I’ve found them all to be enjoyable to read. I love the ideas involving negative space and time splits. I think the easiest game to implement might be idea #21, Pellet Quest, which is a Pac-man as an RPG. Heck, he even created a map of the entire game world!

Unlike my game idea challenge in which I write one-liners, he is actually fleshing out details for each mechanic. You’ll probably find plenty to think about by visiting his page during these 300 days.