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Programming Yourself

Steve Healy wrote Programming Your Mind to Think About Programming, which gave me a few more ideas on how to convince myself to work even when I don’t feel like working.

He mentions feeling motivated while listening to certain songs, reading select articles, or watching a certain television show. I know that whenever I hear certain video game remixes (especially Contra and Mega Man 2) or techno, I can’t help but want to type semicolons.

I would like to develop rituals to get me in the mood to think creatively. For instance, I want to immediately pull out a pen and notebook whenever I am waiting for something. In line at the grocery store? Take some notes on my next game project. Waiting for something major to compile? Write down a few game ideas.

It is sometimes too easy to just let time go by without any results. If you can program yourself to do things automatically, things will get done as time passes.

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What really works for me is having a schedule, I know just about everyday from ~9pm and on I’ll be workong on Maw!Soft stuff.

It takes a while for a habit like that to hold, but once you settle into a routine, its hard to stray from it.

RohoMech: Having a routine is definitely good. In fact, that routine might be the trigger that gets your mind in the mood for development.

Establishing a routine can really help I think. I just started doing stuff on my own. It’s a real challenge to do stuff without a specific block of time dedicated to working on stuff.

Hey, cool site, drop me a line and let me know what you’re up to. I just moved to Des Moines, IA, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only game dev here. :/ Looking to make other game dev friends, no matter the location.

I also try to force myself to take a day off every week. After getting into the routine, it’s easy to work all 7 days of the week and one day find myself so exhausted that my mind struggles. So, no matter how motivated I am, I try to take Saturday off.

I use to program while studying other people’s code. That gives me beeter ideas (or perhaps should I say that I steal ideas?)

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