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Thousander Club Update: April 23rd

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 262.25 (previous year) + 83.5 (current year) = 345.75 / 1000
Game Ideas: 616 (previous year) + 24 (current year) = 630 / 1000

I managed to get some time in this past week despite the day job. I picked a title for my Space Invaders clone as well as a theme. It’s now called Killer Kittens from Katis Minor. The theme is pretty much the same thing as Space Invaders, only now there are killer kittens instead of generic aliens. Instead of dropping generic bombs, the kittens drop exploding yarn balls.

While this theme is pretty much a cosmetic change, I have managed to add a few minor features as well. Also, killer kittens are funnier than generic aliens. If I can focus on this project in the coming week, I might be able to finish enough to release it before the end of April.

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Yeah, I am trying to figure out if there should be a weapon you can use against the kittens that would fit the theme. Perhaps water balloons or a squirt gun? We’ll see. B-)

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