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Good IGF Quote by Andy Schatz

If you also didn’t get to go to the IGF and GDC, whatever your excuse, you can still watch the awards show at Gamespot. The show was one part inspiration, one part comedy, and one part romance.

This year, the IGF was hosted by former winner Andy Schatz. He’s not only an indie, but a snazzy dresser. He is also a great host, and his opening remarks almost gave me chills. Almost.

We’re indies. Someone else can wear the suit. Tonight’s show is all about the heroes of game development. Tonight we honor the ones who wake up and stumble to their computers in their bathrobes and their underwear for “work” all to pursue the dream of developing the next gaming breakthrough. THESE are the developers that will expand the public’s perception of the power of video games.

99% of us might not make it, and that’s what makes every single one of you a hero.

You. A hero. Chills, right? B-)

Being an indie sometimes means doing things even though there are plenty of reminders that you are likely to fail. The IGF is a highly visible celebration of the victories, and I think Andy did a great job of capturing the sentiment in those few sentences.

6 replies on “Good IGF Quote by Andy Schatz”

Hey thanks! I actually wrote most of my script, and while I was mostly trying to simply move things along and let you guys be the star, that first bit was really heartfelt for me. I’m glad you like it too! 🙂

High-Five Andy!

And kudos for those who take / make the time to go. One of these years I will end up there, if only to put faces and personalities to the daily blog posts I browse through. 🙂

Heh, I have to chime in with agreement, your speech was great. Really heart-felt and authentic, which the other presentors just couldn’t match. Hope you’re back for them next year Andy 🙂

Liked that remark by the Everday Shooter guy when he received his award: “Did this really change your perception of videogames?”. Funny.

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