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Thousander Club Update: February 26th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 262.25 (previous year) + 38.5 (current year) = 300.75 / 1000
Game Ideas: 616 (previous year) + 5 (current year) = 621 / 1000

30% of 1,000 hours!

I’ve spent more time finalizing what should go into v1.0 and what should wait for a later version. Still, I decided that I needed some tangible results, and I swapped out the plain green font with a more appropriate one.

New font in Space Invaders project

I found that working with fonts you find online can be tricky, especially when you find licenses that are vague. You can use the font in whatever way you want, including commercial purposes, but you can’t sell the font? Huh? I am sure that I can convert a font into SFont format and then use the Kyra encoder to convert it into a .dat file that Kyra can use, but I would still like clarification on the terms of use. I am waiting for a response to my email asking the author what I can and cannot do with a font. I am sure everything will be fine.

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Agreed: font licences are a pain! Especially those ‘free’ fonts.
I think I will just buy a font or two where my commercial rights are clear. The definition of ‘distribution’ is too vague. If you’re making a free/GPL game then I guess you have to be extra careful.

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