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Want to be an Indie Game Developer?

Yesterday at 4PM GMT, a number of people were asked to write on the topic of the independent game industry. If you read many game development blogs, you would have noticed that a number of them had the same title: “So you want to be an Indie Developer?”

Among the writers were Dan Marshall of Gibbage fame, Tom Arundel of Introversion Software, Juuso Hietalahti of, and Cliff Harris of Positech Games. The complete list of links is below:

I believe everyone will agree that Lemmy and Blinky’s post was the funniest. Paul Timson, aka Sharpfish, has some sage advice for indie developers who might not realize what can happen if you don’t take advantage of “RIGHT NOW”. You can’t just wait for someone else to give you your dreams and accomplished goals.

4 replies on “Want to be an Indie Game Developer?”

Bless you. Except… er… it’s Lemmy and BINKY thankyou very much! Not that I’m in any way ungrateful, of couse. I’m just ungrateful. No, I didn’t mean that – what I meant to say was “ungrateful”…

Thanks for the coverage Mr GBGames! I’m glad you managed to pull something of use from my rambling mess of a post ( in fairness I had less warning of the due date for my ‘homework’ than the other guys so no time for editing/thinking lol 😉 )

And yes L and B’s post was the deserved winner of the blogblitz! 🙂

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