Shuts Down, Articles Go Missing

Steve Pavlina announced that he has shut down, his shareware game development business which he has run for about 12 years.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t transferred his articles on game development practices. Some of his articles have been updated and are in his articles section, but some, such as “Zero Defect Software Development” and “Shareware Amateurs vs Shareware Professionals” are nowhere to be found.

I’ve personally found these articles to be a great resource, and in fact they were the reason why I was inspired to start my own indie game development business. It would be a shame if we could only access them through or Google’s cache.

EDIT: Some of these articles are in the Association of Software Professionals newsletter archives, available to members only. If No Independent Developers Are 100 Times Smarter Than You, Then Why Do Some Get 100 Times the Results? is a free article.

5 comments to Shuts Down, Articles Go Missing

  • I found those articles great too!! why don’t you contact Steve?

  • Actually, I did. He said that to continue to provide access to this articles and the games would be more effort than it is worth to him, especially since they are so dated.

    I am going to take it as an opportunity to see if I can’t write more up-to-date versions of his articles. I have enough experience to be able to treat at least a few of his subjects, although I don’t have nearly as much authority as he did.

  • Bryan

    Man I really miss those games. 🙁 Any where I could find them?


  • Offhand, no. I imagine the demos are still available on download sites, but I don’t know if it is possible to get the full versions.

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