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2006 Grand Rapids Schmooze

Tomorrow I will be hanging out with other members of the Association of Shareware Professionals at the 2006 Grand Rapids Schmooze. As last minute as it is, if you can be in the area this weekend, you can join the people already attending, including a few game developers such as Thomas Warfield, Gregg Seelhoff, and Jay Semerad. It is definitely going to be a great time!

The Schmooze started today, but it’s crunch mode at my day job and so asking off for a day is the exact opposite of what I should be doing to get my project completed on time. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with the Schmoozers during the rest of the weekend.

And if anyone at the Schmooze is reading this post, say hello to everyone for me!

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Well, as I understand it, next year’s Schmooze will be in Indiana, and there are other ones around the country. And of course there is always SIC.

I was thinking about asking you about heading out there, because it would be cool to go again. I went 2 years ago with Action and it would be nice to see Jay and Gregg Selhoff and meet Tom Warfield. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to do it though… well maybe :). What time are you heading out there and where are you staying?

I’m heading out there early Saturday morning (which could mean 5AM or 9AM depending on tonight), and I have a room at the hotel with my girlfriend. I doubt they are completely booked, though, so you should be able to get a place.

You couldn’t get me to schmooze if you paid me. Of course I’m nowhere near the midwest. On on the west coast, but still, never.

I always say when I get a girlfriend and learn to drive it will be the end of the world, you can add going to any gathering of any kind (other than church on sundays) to that list.

Mark my words, it will be the end of the world 😉

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