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Thousander Club Update: July 31st

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 154.5 / 1000
Game Ideas: 432 / 1000

Target: 567

There are 40 days left until the deadline for entering a game in IGF 2007: Countdown to IGF 2007

I was sick again at the beginning of this past week, but I still managed to log quite a few hours. A lot of it was spent researching physics code, but I finally found something I could use at the Game Physics blog. As I am using g++ as my compiler, code found online can result in compile-time errors that Visual C++ and other compilers might allow. I spent some time trying to figure out how to change the code so that it not only works correctly but also conforms to standard C++. I was figuring out how to work with std::set to change existing members while satisfying the compiler, but the book C++ In A Nutshell had the answer. The code at Game Physics updated the set’s contents directly, but a set’s members are supposed to be immutable. I guess VC++ was fine with it, but g++ was complaining. If you need to change a key in a set, you must first erase it from the set, then you can update the key and add it to the set again.

I went to a LAN party this weekend, and while I didn’t stay long, I did manage to play various sessions in Unreal Tournament 2004. I was already planning on getting the game someday since it has a Gnu/Linux client right out of the box, but now that I know that there is a map in which you can attack a space station using ships, it’s a must-have.

I am worried that I’ll be working a bunch of late nights at my day job this coming week due to a looming deadline. I doubt I will be able to work as many hours on Oracle’s Eye Prime as I did this past week. Still, I am making steady progress. It’s just a question of making a finished game by September 9th for IGF 2007.