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Thousander Club Update: July 10th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 126 / 1000
Game Ideas: 432 / 1000

Target: 504

There are 61 days left until the deadline for entering a game in IGF 2007: Countdown to IGF 2007

I took most of Saturday to work on Oracle’s Eye Prime. I really like having entire days of development since I can get quite a bit accomplished in a short period of time. The project is coming together, although progress is still a bit slower than I would like. A few more Saturday’s like this last one would probably help quite a bit. Currently I can load sprites and entity objects dynamically through a configuration file, and there is a way to allow the entities to respond to input. Eventually game development will involve less coding and more configuration file editing.

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Nothing to speak of, really. If anything, you could say that it is nearing a Black Triangle, but it isn’t quite there yet. If you have a good imagination, however, imagine a blue arrow pointing to the right and located at the top left of a window (or fullscreen, depending on config options).

I’ll post screenshots once I get something more substantial.

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