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Nethack Song

Greg Costikyan posted a link to the NetHack song. You can find the lyrics and an mp3 of NetHack.

And, of course, the game is teh awesomes.

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Sigh…and once again we disagree 🙂 I despise NetHack; I think it’s poorly designed and even worse, arbitrary. You can literally die on any turn for any reason and for the most part you won’t be able to do anything about it. I gave up on NetHack after a game where I’d been very careful to only fight things weaker than me, praying to get rid of my hunger, etc, etc. So what happens? I 0pen a door on level 3 to find a goblin with a wand of magic missiles behind it. Zap, zap, I’m dead – and that’s when I deleted the game off my hard drive. I do not have time to waste on something so damn random.

The song is awesome, though, because it actually riffs on the arbitrary lethality of the game. Plus it has the lyric:

Chauncy fought the Oracle, he knew that it was chancy
‘Cause you ASCII stupid question and you get a stupid ANSI

There’s nothing wrong with disagreement. It just means you must be wrong. B-)

I made it to experience level 5, killing off all manner of creatures only to take a lot of damage. I tried to go back up a level, but on the way there, a small dog attacks. I figure that even with my low HP, I can still take it.

I couldn’t, apparently.

And I liked the ASCII line, too.

The _only_ game I keep coming back to, so much fun. Great son by the way.

It’s not arbitrary. You just suck.

You play it long enough, and you learn how to survive. For me, that’s part of the charm.

Praying to satisfy your hunger works if you’re desperate, but eating corpses is better.

Little dogs shouldn’t be trifled with. Toss him a food ration or other non-vegetable food, and he’ll become your pet.

Getting zapped by a goblin on level 3 is pretty rough, but to be honest, you haven’t made it that far to be bitter about the experience. The place is huge:

Crap, I’m being a troll. I just hate people dissing my favorite game of all time. Nice song!

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