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Thousander Club Update: May 15th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 85 / 1000
Game Ideas: 336 / 1000

Target: 336

I managed to work a bit on Oracle’s Eye. Since I finished the text-based board game, I wanted to reuse the techniques in OE. Rather than make massive changes to the game engine, I decided that I should start a new project. I dubbed it Oracle’s Eye Prime.

Yes, it is risky to redo the engine. I know the countless stories of hobbyists who never finish a game because they decide to redo the engine over and over again. Finishing a game is what counts. Still, I think that what I know now compared to what I knew when I started OE back in August is enough to justify the risk. When I was adding features to the board game, they fell into place very easily because the code was so easy to work with. Compared with OE‘s current engine, which would require significant refactoring and editing to add any feature, and I think it makes sense to redo the engine.

Since I’m so good at project scheduling (“That’s a joke, kid.”), I’m going to estimate that it will take me about a month to get the new codebase up and get OE’ to the same point that I had OE. Ok, maybe three months.

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If you do not have the OEp engine done by June 15, I shall load up Quake 3A, give you my IP and then smite you with my new nuclear RPG.

Code on. 😉

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