GBGames LLC Officially Formed

As of March 22nd, 2006, the articles of organization for GBGames LLC were officially filed by the Illinois Secretary of State.

I know that for months I have been talking about how easy it is to submit the paperwork, but somehow I still managed to put it off until a few weeks ago. I was surprised at how quickly it was filed since I didn’t pay extra to expedite it.

In any case, it was a great feeling to open the envelope and see the letter informing me that my company is real and official. I have officially joined the ranks of Americans who can say that they owned a company. w00t!

Now I only have to do something with it.

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Tim: You’re on! B-)

MrPhil: Actually, an LLC doesn’t have the requirements of a corporation, but I do need to make sure I keep minutes of certain decisions.

:: puts the race with GBGames, LLC into the minutes… ::
So when will you begin the quest to bring the corporation into the black? When’s the first “commercial” project start?



Tim: Actually I want to get Oracle’s Eye to a point where I can sell it. I figure that even if it doesn’t sell well, which is likely for a game with no market research, it will allow me to setup systems to sell future games better.

Any chance we’ll see a windows build of Oracle’s Eye on the 18th? Are you planning on contracting out music and art? Will you be ‘hiring’ and or partnering with anyone for GBGames LLC? Catering to the casual market? Developing for Linux first and Windows as an afterthought? (heheheh)… just a few more questions from the curious… sor.


Good questions, Tim. I didn’t originally plan to build anything for the 18th, but it would probably be a good idea to have something to show off.

As for outsourcing, I might. In fact, it would probably be better if I did since I would probably still try to learn how to do everything myself and that could only result in a lot of ok-but-not-great aspects of the game. Eventually I might build up my skills so that I can create all of the assets and the code for a single game, but for now programmer art will have to do.

I plan to keep GBGames LLC as a single-member LLC, and I don’t plan to hire anyone other than in a contractor’s capacity.

Oracle’s Eye will be casual in that it shouldn’t require familiarity with video games. I wanted to make sure that it was intuitive and easy to play. No dexterity with multiple keys/buttons/movements/handstands required.

I am developing for Linux-based systems first because that is my preferred system and my development environment. One of my major goals, of course, is to make more games available for Gnu/Linux. Windows isn’t so much an afterthought as it is a platform I can’t ignore. And I do, of course, plan to support Mac gamers.

To date, however, I have yet to learn how to use GCC/G++ to cross-compile so that I can create a Win32 version of my game without using Windows.

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