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Action decided to be a party-pooper and do something beneficial for April 1st instead of playing pranks. He’s renamed it April Enlightenment Day. He started the first April Enlightenment Day with a new podcast show: Indie Game Developer’s Podcast.

The first podcast was with Tom Robertson of It’s a 16MB download and a little over 30 minutes long.

In this podcast, Tom talked about the obstacles that faced him when choosing to leave the mainstream game industry and go indie. I liked hearing his opinion on the difference between “revolutionary” and “innovative”.

I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to more indie game podcasts! Thanks, Action!

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Thanks for the positive feedback. I always enjoy feedback on the show.

As for releasing more podcasts…
Of course, I’m going to release more podcasts…my goal is to get a link in your “Game Development” section on the right side. I’ll release as many as it takes to get there 😉

Take care,

Cool blog man..thanks for the tips on the Podcast. If you find anymore please let your readers know. we are just entering into the gaming space and we really want to connect with indie game developers.

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