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Thousander Club Update: February 27th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 23 / 1000
Game Ideas: 111/ 1000

Target: 105

Last Monday was President’s Day, and it helped a lot with regards to providing me with some coding time since I had the day off from my job. That day I managed to get some huge bugs fixed and created the ability to load levels from a file. I also added six hours of work. I just had to do four hours of work to add up to the 10 I hoped to do for the week. While I was able to work a few mornings before going to my day job, I found that I was not able to accomplish as much as I thought I could. During the week there were any number of things that came up. A friend of mine was leaving the state, and so we threw a party on Friday evening. I was at an all-day event on Saturday. Sunday was a day for errands.

It is clear to me that I am not doing as good a job as I could be doing regarding my game development schedule. This coming weekend I will be leaving town, so any work I do will have to take place between today and Friday morning. I would need to work two hours a day in order to get to 10 hours. Since I couldn’t do 10 hours in a full week, I am not sure if I can expect to do so with a few days missing.

Of course, it sounds like a challenge to me. B-)