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Free Sounds

My friend Becky Kramer tuned me into The Freesound Project, a “collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.”

Basically, all the sounds in the project are available under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license. You can creatively change a work and use the derivative work commercially or noncommercially. You could take the original and distribute it in a noncommercial way.

Sounds great to me, especially for my early projects. I’ll pay for my audio needs when I think doing so will help sell my games. For now, when I am just trying to make simple games for myself, these freely available sounds will be good enough.

2 replies on “Free Sounds”

This sounds like a useful resource for sure. at the moment I make nearly all of my sound effects from scratch with synths ‘n’ samplers – but it is time consuming… especially if you need a specific thematic sound that you just can’t re-create without going out and doing a field recording.

Nice find! 🙂

On the site, I found the sound of a crow cawing, but then I also found one that was just a sample of the interior of a bus. I can imagine the ambient sounds that the rest of the database has.

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