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IGF 2007

I know that the 2006 IGF is still underway, but a week or so ago I decided that I will be submitting a game to IGF 2007.

I must have read or heard something about thinking huge. Something about how you can’t become larger than life if you stick with the safe and easy. Whatever it was, I felt inspired. The decision seemed easy. Why not submit a game to the Independent Games Festival?

I’m still struggling with my supposedly simple project from August, and a couple of weeks ago I would have thought it was crazy to even think about submitting my game to the IGF. After all, how could I possibly compete with the other, more experienced game developers?

I know how. $95 and a submitted entry form. I’ll obviously need to have a game to submit, but I have the rest of the year to make one. Entering the competition is the easy part, and yet it tends to be the most overlooked step in being successful.

It’s ambitious, perhaps overly so. After all, I’m still fairly green when it comes to game development. Of course, a lot can change in a year. Just making this decision puts me way ahead of what I did last year for IGF. B-)

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Do it man. I planned on having a title for last year. I didn’t get it done in time and ended up having to get a job instead. For that job I ended up at GDC and walked by the IDF section and..

IT BROKE MY HEART!! My game was supposed to be there!!

Fuck. Someday.

Well, how far are you with your title now? Can you submit it for the next IGF?

I’m giving myself until January to decide on what kind of game I should make, and then I will have until the submission deadline to actually make it. It’s still weird to think so far ahead. B-)

Good luck!

Great idea! This gives you a goal (deadline) that provides strong motivation for you to push through and get your project done. Bravo!

What’s the worst that can happen? You submit your game and you don’t get noticed. That’s the same result as not trying, so you have nothing to lose.

Good Luck!

Nice positive attitude, and you are right. Raising your game will push you and hopefully produce even better results than would have been possible with no goal. I too hope to enter something for 2007 and I *plan* on having at least 3 titles out by then (if my development schedule holds up). I know which title will be being entered but have not even made a prototype of it yet (new concept) so it is a long shot but there is nothing to loose (ok, $95).

Good luck with it. 🙂

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