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Success With Style

I didn’t know that Donald Trump had a blog, and I never really paid attention to him anyway. “You’re fired!” was never really a catch phrase I cared about, and I always thought that he was just an incredibly rich guy. No reason to care one way or the other about him, right? I find it funny how many of the comments on his blog are just people throwing compliments left and right. Not just compliments, either. Worship is probably not too strong a word to describe it.

Anyway, I did enjoy reading Success with Style, where he essentially talks about how true beauty is deep. Success comes with style, and style isn’t something you can slap on as an afterthought. It has to be there throughout the design and development of whatever endeavor you are taking on.

While he wasn’t talking about game development, I think that if you were to make a game and try to add higher poly counts or orchestral sounds without truly paying attention to how it fits into the game, you would have something superficial, and people will know. Generally, it is understood that a good game isn’t just good graphics, although I have been surprised to find people who thought it was the most important thing in a game. Of course, it isn’t like there is a definite formula for making a good game since the definition is different for so many people. Still, I think that if you keep style in mind, how can you go wrong?

Now we just need to decide on exactly what style means, and we’ll be all set. B-) Maybe this is related to a timeless way of game design?