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Time Flies

Whoops! I didn’t meant to stay up past midnight programming!

I think it is a good thing that I was getting so into it that I didn’t notice when an hour or two went by. At least, that’s what makes me feel better about how behind my project is. In this time, I managed to get the program window to come up and close on the correct input without seg faulting for the first time.

I was still having fun, as frustrating as it was. I distinctly remember not feeling motivated when I started this programming session, but here I am, hours later. Good night!

3 replies on “Time Flies”

Heh – I usually code past midnight. Except last night – I was falling asleep at the keyboard. Woke up this morning and went straight to work fixing the bug I couldn’t solve last night due to sleepiness.

I have begun to wonder if I shouldn’t change my schedule around and start waking up earlier. I have a ‘real’ job during the day, and I find I’m more productive when I’m fresh and rested than later on in the evening when I’m tired and I’ve spent hours staring at a monitor all day. I don’t think my work on-the-job would suffer, but my game development effort might improve. Something to think about, I guess.

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