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My Last Class Assignment

I am coding my last assignment of the quarter. It’s the huge project for the class, and it is due on Thursday. I didn’t know that fact until last Thursday. The class forum shows that I wasn’t the only one, which makes me feel a bit better about “forgetting” something that wasn’t very clear to begin with.

Anyway, within a few short days my last assignment will be complete, and after finals the next week, school itself is over. No, I will not have a graduate degree, but I will have more time which can be utilized in more meaningful ways. I can work on my own projects. I can work on my own skills. I can reintroduce myself to people I haven’t seen in some time. It’s weird how this time last year I never valued my time and was always stressed just trying to get by! I guess it shows how much I’ve grown, but it also shows me that I have a lot to learn as well.

In the meantime, since my internship requires me to attend school, I’ll need to find another job soon.

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Hey, did you post your resume on or anything? When you do, of course you get all the stupid responses from insurance companies looking for dumb people to work for them, but after a couple of weeks or even sooner, you may get something you want. That is how TicketMaster found me. It may help in your job search.

I actually need to update my resume, so no, I haven’t yet. With the project finished yesterday and finals this coming week, updating the resume is pretty low on my list of priorities at the moment.

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