Comment/Trackback Spam

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve gotten comment spam and trackback spam. It used to just be someone using a handle that will link to some poker site, but now they are getting insulting. “It’s people like you are the problem with this country” was the latest one. Well screw you and your online poker website!

EDIT: And it seems that Seth Godin is also posting about blog spam, but this one is of a different nature.

One reply on “Comment/Trackback Spam”

Spams make it difficult to use internet peacefully. I have to check carefully my junk mail box to make sure that its spam filter not wrongfully send useful email to junk folder.

Google once banned my blogger’s blog mentioning that it was a blog spam. Fortunately, Google put back everything in place since it is not spamming in any way. But the problem is, the banned page was already indexed and shows up on SERP for certain keywords.

I know that there is a plug in for wordpress to prevent comment spams and the like. I just haven’t tried it yet.

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