My Tips for Ludum Dare

While SolHSA’s tips are useful, and mrfun’s tips are hilarious, I decided to post my own list of tips for Ludum Dare.

Here is the summary list:

  • Be prepared.
  • Meet the competition.
  • Whatever you think will be easy, do something simpler.
  • “You can only code fast by coding well.”
  • Have fun.

1 comment to My Tips for Ludum Dare

  • slobu

    I just entered my first competition: TIGSource Demake contest. You’ve got a month to literally or pseudo backport a new game into an older format – and make it “pirate” style to avoid copyrights.

    It’s day 8 and I’ve got most of the planning and sprite font done. Time feels short though. These hints on coding for contests seem right on the money. I hope I take heed 🙂

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