Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with BlitWise Productions

Action has released another interview, this time with Mike Welch of BlitWise Productions, creator of DX-Ball and Scorched Tanks.

Mike discussed the importance of author recognition, working with Seumas McNally on DX-Ball 2, and developing a community for his games. While he isn’t deeply involved with the game development community, he watches it, usually with amusement.

I enjoyed hearing his opinion on the difference between working with portals and working for yourself, particularly from a recognition point of view. He mentioned some of the unexpected letters he has received from fans of his games, stating that if his games were sold on portals he would never receive such letters or recognition.

Mike definitely sounds like an indie.

1 comment to Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with BlitWise Productions

  • I liked this podcast, Mike seems like a guy who doesn’t take himself to seriously. He just wants to make games. What I took from this interview?

    Make the games YOU want to play, don’t take yourself to seriously and don’t quit your day job.

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