A Loaf of Bread, a Game of Pong, and You?

I already wrote about Nolan Bushnell’s new venture of a restaurant chain that will feature video games, food, and alcohol that will somehow appeal to women.

turbo from the #gamedevelopers channel pointed me to the restuarant’s website. It actually does sound promising. You can play games with people at your table, other tables, or even the entire restaurant. You can order food from the touch screen display, which is actually something I’ve been telling my friends we should be able to do for years. You can even go to wine-tasting school by having wines brought to you and scoring them on the screen.

There is even a blog, and one of the recently made posts outlines the kind of games that you will see at uWink:
Nolan Bushnell’s Rules for Social Games

Will uWink develop all of its games in-house, or will they be outsourced to some enterprising indies? Is “social game” really a new genre, or is it just a marketing buzzword for making the LAN party experience more accessible to the masses? When will we see uWink in Chicago?

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