Thousander Club Update: June 19th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 101 / 1000
Game Ideas: 403 / 1000

Target: 441

Wednesday morning I finally hit 10% of my 1,000 hour goal for the year! As you can see, I haven’t been updating my game ideas list in a couple of weeks. I have been fairly busy and catching up on a number of things, and so some things have taken a backseat. For instance, I finally bought groceries so I can stop paying too much for lunch or skipping it altogether.

Oracle’s Eye Prime isn’t playable at all. I hope to get a few more hours this coming week to implement a few more low-level features so I can start concentrating on the game itself.

2 comments to Thousander Club Update: June 19th

  • Impossible

    How easy is it to find time working on Oracles Eye now that you’re at WMS? Do you find you are more productive or less productive?

  • Actually, a bit of both. If I wake up early enough, I can get at least an hour of work in before I leave for my day job.

    This past week or so, however, I have found myself staying late at work to catch up on some work. On those days, especially when I wake up late, it is possible that I don’t even see my computer.

    If I can consistently wake up early enough, however, I can get quite a lot done before I leave for my day job, and if I keep on top of my work there, I can get some more done in the evening.

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