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Geek Out with Me: A News Feed for Sim City 4

If I love anything more than a good game, it’s people writing about their experiences with a good game.

The stories we tell about games are often more fascinating than the stories made for games.

I’m thinking of Fansy the Famous Bard of EverQuest, or a riveting story I can’t find now about a player in EVE Online who decided to go straight to nullsec space with nothing but the cheapest ship and see how long he could survive (if anyone knows which story this is, let me know. I’d love to find it and reread it again).

I’m thinking about great gaming moments like my first experience encountering The Beast in Homeworld: Cataclysm or the time I discovered how to trap a police officer in Lock ‘n’ Chase.

And now my friend Jim Boyd has created the Midlandia Internet Gazette, “an online news feed for the SimCity 4 region Midlandia, established in 2015.”

Midlandia as of December 2016 is comprised of 23 interconnected cities, with an overall population of 881,000. Among its highlights are an international airport, two Major League baseball teams, several universities, two movie studios, three television stations, and numerous radio outlets. Midlandia is a growing region, and is looking to break 1,000,000 in population by the beginning of 2017.

There are only a few posts as of this writing, but I look forward to reading about the development of Apia and the rest of Midlandia.

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