A Press Release Template for Indie Game Developers #NotGDC

Since so many of us are instead attending the cheaper and easier to get to #NotGDC, I thought we should make a point of sharing our own advice with each other.

Write a blog post or create a video to share a quick tip. Tell us about a cool resource you found. Whatever you do, share it by using the #NotGDC hashtag.

While many indies know that marketing is important, they may feel uncomfortable with it, don’t understand how to go about doing it, or feel that with their small budgets that marketing isn’t an option. So, what can they do?

Emmy Jonassen, the Indie Game Girl, created her site as a resource to help indie game developers “find the adoring fanbases your winning game deserves.”

She provides budget-friendly tips and tricks for indies using over a decade of experience in marketing, and recently tweeted about her press release template for indies:

If you’ve never written a press release before, finding a press release template is a great place to start. Just like schematics instruct engineers, a good press release template will instruct you to execute a solid press release.

It lists 8 major elements, including the headline, game description, and contact info.

She provides a number of other resources, such as the perfect landing page for the indie developer and her presentation at Konsoll 2013 on Marketing Indie Games on a $0 Budget.