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User Poetry: But Not Me

While cleaning and rearranging my office, I found an old tech support email from a job I had many years ago. I printed it because I was amused with how the author spaced out the lines and capitalized the first letter of each line. It almost looked like poetry.

By the end, I think it starts to feel like it would fit into a techy version of “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

So I labeled it “User Poetry” and titled it “But not me”. I’ll change the author’s name and other identifying info to protect the innocent.

Attn. Unix Guys,

I can log into Unix session by telnet to dvap8 with my userid (jsmith) and my password.

However, I can not get to it by Hummingbird Exceed session. I go to Hummingbird Exceed session

In my Computer and put my userid and password successively and Hummingbird session takes it but clocking

And clocking with its welcome window screen. When others login with their userid and password in Exceed

In my computer, they get everything but not me.