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April #1GAM Entry: Toytles Colors

For my April project for One Game a Month, I liked the idea of making a game for my nieces to play to learn colors and shapes. I thought of having animals to click on, and initially it was frogs, but when I settled on turtles, it all clicked together.

Download Toytles Colors for Linux 64-bit (395 kb tar.gz file)

I figured such a game would need to have more pizazz than my typical projects have, so I wrote up an animation class quickly, and then I used the Gimp to create some animated legs for the turtles. It’s not too bad.

I wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to it as I would like to this project. I was going to have the player try to click on matching colors as well as shapes, but I ended up scrapping the shapes.

I was pleased with the cartoony turtles I threw together, although the scale left something to be desired.

April #1GAM

I added some color picking criteria and made sure the player could click on a turtle with the right color.

April #1GAM

The final game awards you a point for each turtle you click correctly, and even helpfully lets you know which color you’re looking for.

April #1GAM

I had plans for particle effects and audio to celebrate and inform you when you clicked on the wrong turtle (“That’s not blue! That’s red!”), but I’ll have to address those next time I pick this project up.