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2012 Ludum Dare Gift Exchange

The Ludum Dare Gift Exchange is in its third year, and this time I’m joining in.

The 2012 LD Gift Exchange is kind of like a Secret Santa, but it involves the international Ludum Dare community, so it is very likely that you’ll be shipping a package to the other side of the world, or at least somewhere you can’t easily ride your bike to.

Here is the quick timeline:

  • subscribe to the event
  • go shopping. Buy a present from your local area that you think other people overseas might like, because they can’t get something like that over where they live.
  • Pack it all up
  • Wait for your email with the address of the fellow person you will send the present to
  • Go to the nearest post office and send the package overseas
  • Wait until your very own overseas present arrives and be happy

It’s fun seeing all of the interesting deliveries get opened, with pictures documented online.