Shareware is Dead


In case you haven’t heard, the Association of Shareware Professionals has changed its name to the Association of Software Professionals.

For more information on the name change, read Shareware is dead – long live shareware!

Shareware, essentially try-before-you-buy, is alive and well today. Almost any software in distribution offers a demo these days. Decades ago, shareware was revolutionary as a concept, but it was a great way to get your software in front of potential customers. In a time when the most people could expect was a brochure or ad, being able to actually USE the software before you paid for it helped spread software to a wider audience.

Unfortunately, as time went on, there was a negative association between “shareware” and “amateur”, or “freeware”, or “crippleware”.

That isn’t to say that the ASP isn’t still a useful organization. Shareware was always about marketing, and marketing changes. Getting assistance, information, and business advice from a professional organization? That’s a constant.