Happy Anniversary, GBGames!

Today is the 4th anniversary of GBGames, LLC!

To celebrate, I wish I could offer a sale, but any games I’ve released are free.

So on that note, if you have a Facebook account, you can play Sea Friends!

Sea Friends

Feed the fish while avoiding the growing algae, and while you play, you can make a difference in the world by saving real coral reef!

On the other hand, if you don’t have Facebook, you can play Walls, either online or downloaded to your computer.

You may have noticed that these games were available last year. Where are the new games?

Well, last year was a tough year for me as a part-time indie game developer. I haven’t been happy with the progress I’ve made over the past four years, in fact. I’ve had trouble keeping focus on any plans I’ve made, and as a result, there are only two finished and released games I can point to. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note that they are pretty much the same exact game.

So before GBGames has its 5th anniversary next year, I intend to make a huge difference in my approach. I have a new business plan that I intend to follow, updating it as appropriate, and I’m going to ensure that I have an easier time focusing on my business goals.

And unfortunately, that’s all I can say at this time.

3 replies on “Happy Anniversary, GBGames!”

I look forward to seeing the new stuff develop.

btw — if you right click you can cheat pretty handily at Sea Friends. I was tempted to make an AI script that would cheat and play the game for me… Saving ALL of the coral reef in a couple of weeks. Yay for philanthropic cheating! The good we can get done!

How’s your American Soccer thing going?

-Tim is the site, and it is also slow to start. Between it and GBGames, I need to focus on one if I expect to do great things with either. Otherwise I’m just spreading my limited energy too thin.

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