GBGames Releases Walls!

While many of you read the blog, you may be unaware of my main site at If you go there now, you’ll see a new link to my recently released Walls!

It’s a very simple yet fun game that lets you practice your mouse-fu! To play, move the mouse cursor towards the goal while avoiding the increasing and expanding walls.

The game is available for Windows and GNU/Linux. I don’t have a Mac, but the source is available and highly portable, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get it running on OS X if someone would be willing to try.

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Best score so far is level 46. 🙂 The annoying part is half the time I die because after finishing a level the new map for the next level has a red wall so close to me that it’s almost impossible to not hit it.

Does the rate of expansion increase with level, time, or both?

The red walls are not allowed to be created too close to the player’s cursor, although if you are moving fast enough, I imagine that it is easy to move to where they are allowed to be created. Originally it was worse because one would get created right on top of the cursor and it looked like a bug.

The rate of expansion increases every 10 levels, although I put in a cap at one point so that the only increase in challenge is an increase in the number of walls created.

Very fun. Got to 49 levels. I didn’t have a problem with walls appearing too close to the cursor, but I did notice that a dishonest gamer can cheat by dragging their mouse outside of the program window and dragging it back on near the goal.

I don’t know if that’s a big problem though.

Thanks, M. G! A number of people have reported this “bug”, but it is fully intentional. I’ve been asking some people how I could convey this intention to the player, and I am going to make a small tweak to the graphics and sound to see if it might help.

I didn’t notice that bug/feature until the new flash version was released. The sound did help to make it clear what was happening. Quite a trick that. 🙂 Level 76. I finally died when the the goal was fully surrounded by barriers before I could even get to them. 🙂

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