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Playing Older Games

For some reason I woke up this morning wanting to play a game I haven’t played in years. That game is The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse.

If you’ve never played this game, probably because you think you’re too old for Mickey Mouse games, you missed out. This game was surprisingly well made and had a number of my friends in grade school and high school asking to play it. These were the same friends who would pop you in the face if you dared to question their tough guy image.

My favorite level was when Mickey donned the mountain climbing gear. It was like playing Bionic Commando! Rather than go through all of the obstacles, I enjoyed falling below the (floating?) mountain and swinging my way below the level. You bypass everything, and there was something satisfying about knowing I did.

There are other games from my past I’d like to play today. I want to get back to my save game in Homeworld so I can continue through the series. I still haven’t finished any of the Wizardry titles. Conquest of the Crystal Palace music still gets stuck in my head occasionally. I want to get my Atari 2600 out and play Berzerk, one of my favorite games from my childhood.

While new games are constantly getting released, there are still some older games that never get old for me. How about you? Are there any games you still play long after it disappeared from store shelves and the game-playing public’s mind?

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I play a lot of fairly old games every few years. Chronotrigger, of course. Ogre Battle, FFVI… but my favorite is probably the Quest for Glory series, which I love every episode of.

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