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My Moving Giveaway

Yesterday I signed a lease and will be moving into my new apartment at the end of the week. I have some hardware that has been collecting dust, and so I figure it is time to give them to someone who can provide a good home.

– HP Deskjet 612c
– HP Deskjet 840c
– Micron CRT monitor (Model RM07R11) (has a visible line running down
the front, but otherwise works well) (also, I obtained it from CTI when
they were getting rid of it. It still has the CTI barcode on the top.
You can carry the torch!)
– 2 x AVerTV Go 007 FM Plus video capture cards. One of them worked
flawlessly in my MythTV box, the other seemingly didn’t. I presume it
likely works fine in Windows, though. Both are not hardware-accelerated
capture cards, and so I replaced them.
– One of those Hauppauge Windows Media Remote controls

I also have an old PC that was getting finicky towards the end of its
usage. The finicky part of the machine could have been the hard drive,
or it could have been the mobo itself. It was too much work to figure
out and new computers were cheap, so I ended up replacing it. The
following parts are probably worth more than the whole.

You can probably still make use of the processor. The mobo is an Abit
BE6-II. The processor is an Intel Celeron (or at least that is what I
can read below the fan on the processor itself. I can’t find out what
speed it is, but I do recall it being overclocked to 800MHz.

1 x 128MB SDRAM 133Mhz memory stick
The power supply and case
An ethernet card
Possibly a Soundblaster Live! sound card (if not, a regular sound card
with multiple inputs)
Nvidia Vanta 16MB video card? I’m not actually sure, but I think that
is what I see. My first video card. It has served me well in the past.

There is a CDROM drive in the machine as well, but it doesn’t say what
speed it is on the front.

I sent the above to the mailing list of the DePaul Linux Community. Separate from it, you get a special treat! I have a few old Sega Genesis-related materials! Since I do not own a Sega Genesis, they aren’t doing me any good, so maybe you would love to own the following:

Empty case: Centurion: Defender of Rome
Instructions in case: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Monaco GP
Game in case: Star Control, NHL 94, NFL Football 94
Games and Instructions in case: LHX Attack Chopper, Joe Montana 2: Sports Talk Football, Hard Ball 3, Super Hydlide, Flashback (has strategy guide instead of instruction book), NHL Hockey, RBI Baseball 93, Bill Walsh College Football 95

I also have a Game Genie Manual and Codebook…but no Game Genie.

If you are interested, feel free to email me or leave a comment. I’d prefer not to ship it, so if you could pick it up yourself here in Chicago (obviously easier for some people than for others), you can get it for free.

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Hah! You’ve nearly got the makings for a museum in there. Hope the move goes smooth for ye. I just went through one of my own! (I’m now an hour south of chicago instead of an hour west).

Almost time for another indie meetup… guess I’ll wait for your dust to settle though 😉


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