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Blogging Final Fantasy with Four White Wizards

Since I learned about Blogging Ultima, a number of other blogs have popped up involving other games. Besides Blogging DQ and Blogging Final Fantasy, Casey Dunham has decided to accomplish what he has always wanted to do:
Finish Final Fantasy with four white wizards!

If you are not familiar with the original Final Fantasy game, you had to choose four members of your party from a few standard characters. You had the Fighter, the Thief, the Black Mage, the White Mage, the Red Mage, and the Black Belt martial artist. The standard party involved a mixture of fighters and magic users, but the ultimate challenge was to try to finish the game with four white mages. I believe either the instruction book that came with the game or one of the Nintendo Power articles mentioned this challenge as being entirely possible to do. The challenge comes from the fact that white mages are not strong physical fighters so you can’t expect them to fight off enemies with their mallets, at least not in the beginning of the game. They don’t have many offensive spells, either. White mages are expected to provide support for the remaining party members. If your entire party consists of white mages, however, I can see even relatively simple battles becoming epic fights, and boss battles can be quite troublesome.

I never did finish Final Fantasy myself. I believe I stopped playing years ago when my party of a fighter, a black belt, a black mage, and a white mage received the canoe and could travel by river to the volcano. I never picked the game up since, but I still have it for the NES, along with the instruction book, the maps, and the Nintendo Power strategy guide. I remember some of the fights being tough with my well-balanced party, but four white wizards? I remember thinking that I would try to do so after I finished the game the first time through.

Good luck, Casey! I’ll be living this adventure vicariously through you!

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I hope to scan in some of the original materials that came with the game since I have a decent scanner now. I’m just waiting to make a trip up to my parents house where I have all my old games stored. Hopefully within the next few weeks.

I still have the instruction book and the maps that came with the game. They’re in good condition, too.

The Nintendo Power strategy guide also helped when it came to figuring out what items could be equipped by the White Mage. I know that the guide helped me with my purchases, but since you are playing the game without any guides at all, I can imagine how frustrating it would be to purchase something only to find that you can’t use it.

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