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Unanticipated Game Development Obstacle: The Weather

In the past couple of days, I have been putting in more hours than usual. If I could keep it up, I might actually hit 20 hours for the week. I already figured that I couldn’t, what with today being Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day, or Ferris Wheel Day, or IBM Founding Day, or whatever you would like to celebrate) and Friday and Saturday evenings have me either attending or hosting a party.

What I didn’t anticipate being a problem was the weather. I drove my girlfriend to work today, and it takes an hour to get there and back on a normal day. On top of it all, due to the snowfall that Chicago hasn’t seen in seven years, SUV drivers just can’t seem to figure out why drivers of normal cars don’t want to have to drive off the street in the snow. We just can’t seem to get the wheels to go forward when part of the street actually becomes “off-road”. How about if you would be so nice as to drive your consumer-grade tank in the snow so the rest of us could actually get some traction? Thanks.

Also, parking back at home was tough. Most spots were snow traps, leaving unsuspecting vehicles unable to move. Any good, cleaned spots were taken. I don’t have a shovel as it’s been seven years since we saw any snow that merited having one. It took me over 15 minutes to find a spot even after I got home.

That’s fifteen minutes I could have spent tweaking variables or adding a new feature or even just THINKING about what I need to finish my Space Invaders clone. You would think that the weather would mean that I would have even more time to spend indoors, and now that I mention it, yeah, I would rather not leave home and deal with having to find a parking spot later or deal with a tank rush in my neighborhood.

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