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Project of the Month

Larry Garfield has announced the Open Source Project of the Month.

While there are some major, ubiquitous pieces of open source such as the Linux kernel,, Mozilla, and Apache, there is plenty of great pieces of open source out there that doesn’t get funding from companies such as Red Hat, IBM, or hardware manufacturers.

While many would argue that fame is more important than money to open source volunteers, I’ve yet to meet one that didn’t like money as well as fame. Really, who wouldn’t? The goal of Project of the Month is to provide a little of each to open source developers, whether they’re already getting revenue from their work or not. The vast majority of open source code is also free-as-in-beer, and while I won’t say that anything is “owed” to those developers (they do, after all, release their code free-as-in-beer by choice), it’s still polite to acknowledge their work.

POTM has two steps each month:

  • Donate $25 USD to an open source project of your choice.
  • Blog about the project.

The idea is to promote and show appreciation for the lesser-known open source projects out there. For more details on how to participate, check Larry’s POTM blog post.

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