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XNA Being Ported to Mono

Speaking of XNA, Mono.Xna “is an open-source implementation of Microsoft XNA”.

It is still a baby project, but hopefully it will actually allow developers to create truly cross-platform games. The source to it is available in the Mono subversion repository. Mono, of course, is the open source, UNIX version of the .NET development platform.

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lol, what’s the real point of this? There’s already SDL + OpenGL etc…so really the only advantage of this is letting you dev 360 games on *nix.

Maybe. I am not that familiar with the project. I would imagine that DirectX would still be missing functionality, unless they already ported a number of things to use libsdl and OpenGL.

Reading is nice….

Mono.Xna is an open-source implementation of Microsoft XNA using The Tao Framework for cross-platform rendering through OpenGL, SDL and Mono.

In order to properly support XNA framework on all platforms they’ll have to have good shader support. I wonder if HLSL to GLSL will be a factor here?

Yes, they are pretty different. Different enough that ATIAMD developed HLSL to GLSL to ease shader authoring. CG and HLSL are very close but not exactly the same. Also, as far as I know CG doesn’t support geometry shaders or any of the changes MS has made to HLSL for DX10.

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