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Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Squashy Software, part 2

Speaking of podcasts, Action’s back with a brand new edition of the Indie Game Developer’s Podcast. We return you to the interview with Squashy Software, already in progress. Just like last time, this podcast is almost an hour of Anthony Flack goodness.

Anthony spoke about studying all kinds of games to improve his own, although you can tell he is successful because he answers the question “What’s your favorite game?” with the standard successful game developer answer: “I haven’t played much recently. I’ve been very busy.” B-)

Interesting comments include his views on how he must allow the game to form, almost as a painter or sculptor rather than an engineer. He also offers a few lessons on selling a finished product and prototyping.

3 replies on “Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Squashy Software, part 2”

I think it was just the difference in volume between Anthony and Action. I thought what he had to say was actually quite fascinating.

oh yea, the content was great and very insightful. It was the volume difference and he just has a very calm and soothing manner of speaking. It was interesting to hear him talk about being a one-man team and why he makes games, sounds like a very artistic and passionate fellow.

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