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I am writing this post from DeLan, the largest and longest LAN party open for students only (although I distinctly remember being at some more intimate parties that lasted two days). It started on Saturday at 3PM and goes until 9AM Sunday. There were a number of firsts for me.

One, this is the first time I have ever paid to be at a LAN party. It was $5 to get in, and another $5 for tournament play. It’s not too much, but it’s still different.

Two, I never played Counter-Strike before. We played in a double-elimination Counter-Strike Source tournament, and my team had one other person who had never played. We played fairly respectably, all things considered, and we were eliminated in the third round. In the first round, I saved the team. We were playing as terrorists, and I decided to take a completely different route compared to my teammates. Well, something happened, and I was the only one left alive. I had to go back, get the bomb, then find an area to prime and set it. Apparently the counter-terrorists thought I was going to go where the rest of my team was heading, so it took them longer to find me. One killed me, but the bomb was set, and my team held our breath as we waited to see if they could disarm it. My heart was actually racing, and then BOOM! We won! High fives, lots of “w00t!”, and general cheers went around to the rag-tag team, Psycho Squad. Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with the name…

Unfortunately, the second and third rounds didn’t go so well for us.

Three, it is the first time I get to try out my new laptop at a LAN party. I bought a Dell Precision M90, which is a desktop replacement more than a laptop. I named her EsmereldaGB. So far I had installed games on it, but I haven’t played any of them yet. There were machines specifically provided for the tournament, so I haven’t had a chance to play on this new machine yet. I will, however, be playing Total Annihilation, which is a game I haven’t played in earnest in a year or two. There are apparently some fans here, too.

Four, I had Bawls for the first time. It’s not bad, but it isn’t as good as Red Bull.

I’m hungry, and my food just arrived.

Oh, and by the way, I finished the basic gameplay of Pong before I left. Today is a good day.

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