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Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Amaranth Games

Action posted a new Indie Game Developer’s Podcast featuring Amanda of Amaranth Games.

The intro was new and, er, interesting. You’d have to hear it to understand.

Amanda is the creator of the game Aveyond, and in this interview she talks about how she started making games out of cardboard when she was eight years old. While she was in college she made her first computer game which was panned by critics as “too vanilla”. Her next project was Ahriman’s Prophecy, the success of which led her to attempt to commercialize Aveyond. She talks about the difference in development practices for each game as well what brings her inspiration.

She is also asking other indies to finish some RPGs so she can play them, so get to it!

4 replies on “Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Amaranth Games”

“Haw haw”. It’s great that so many people are poking fun at Action, yet he’s the only one in our so called “community” that’s actually putting an effort forward producing and doing voice interviews. Way to appreciate his efforts people.

I agree with PoV here. I hope Action knows that when you’re doing something of significance, it isn’t uncommon for people to poke fun at you.

On the other hand, RohoMech knows Action personally, as I understand it, and was also the first interviewee. I’m sure it is lighthearted teasing, but I can see that it wouldn’t be perceived as such.

nah, its teasing, I gues sorry if it didn’t come off as such. I’m just suprised, since I’ve asked him about his mic level since the start. He’s got good questions in there, its hard to hear them sometimes.

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