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Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Positech Games

Action has released another podcast, this time interviewing Cliff Harris of Positech Games, creator of Democracy and the upcoming Kudos.

It’s nice to get a voice to go with the posts on IndieGamer forums, and the interview is pretty eye-opening. If I can boil it down to anything, it is “Finish your game projects and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the people out there.” At the end, cliffski gives quite a bit of advice for indie developers.

Also, for another interview with cliffski, see Interview with Positech Games Producer Cliff Harris: Kudos Game Production

3 replies on “Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Positech Games”

Left me curious about a bunch of things… most of which I’d likely have to bump into Cliffski in person in order to get answers to. In particular I’d like to know what his “get out of jail free card” was… that was interesting.

Heh… despite cliffski’s comments, I’d go to work for Lionhead on a moments notice… They do good work.

Cliffski’s better off indie, though — he knows how to strike a nerve with the gaming world (these days, anyway)… I do wonder about how well Kudos will do with it’s … odd… name and it’s Poser people climbing up outta the Uncanny Valley. Runaway hit? Guess we’ll know soon enough. Hopefully Cliffski will be rolling in the the cash so he can make the next game on his list of games he likes… 🙂

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