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The article How to Get 35.8% More Downloads From Your Landing Page (& More Test Results from Monster) should be helpful to those people looking to increase visibility for their business and their products. It gives some tips on getting the prospective customer to feel a bit more at ease when interacting with your website. Fewer barriers to the download mean fewer barriers to the sale.

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Thank you for the link! That’s some useful information. I would not have expected the “Download” button to be more successful than the “Try” button. But I guess people like to know what they are in for before they commit, and knowing that it’s a download in advance might reassure them.

It’s curious stuff.

It’s interesting because a lot of the ideas could be done by anyone who has a lot of visitors and the patience to try a few tests. “Download” vs “Try”, big “Go” button versus one that says “Download”, privacy policies or just the hint that they exist, etc. There are plenty of small yet potentially lucrative changes for self-publishing indies to try.

Yea, really nice find there GB, I really like when people explain their method used before they give results, it really adds to their credibility.

I only wish they had pictures of what they found effect, at least they have links to the sites they liked.

They did provide pictures, although I wish they had more. You’ll find the ones they did have by following the first useful link listed at the end of the article.

😛 Sheesh, well, I guess I should never read and post to blogs till I’ve got some sleep in me, thanks GB for pointing out the link.

No problem. B-) I almost missed it, too, because they have an ad that is almost as big as the pics, and I didn’t know what I was looking at.

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