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Canadian Music Creators Against DRM

The Canadian Music Creators Coalition is a group of Canadian musicians and artists who have gotten together to say that they aren’t being represented by the multinational record labels.

[L]obbyists for major labels are looking out for their shareholders, and seldom speak for Canadian artists. Legislative proposals that would facilitate lawsuits against our fans or increase the labels’ control over the enjoyment of music are made not in our names, but on behalf of the labels’ foreign parent companies.

If you look at the link that says what they stand for, you’ll find that #2 says the following:

Digital Locks are Risky and Counterproductive

Artists do not support using digital locks to increase the labels’ control over the distribution, use and enjoyment of music or laws that prohibit circumvention of such technological measures. The government should not blindly implement decade-old treaties designed to give control to major labels and take choices away from artists and consumers. Laws should protect artists and consumers, not restrictive technologies. Consumers should be able to transfer the music they buy to other formats under a right of fair use, without having to pay twice.

Good on the Canadian musicians for taking a stand for themselves and their fans! And good on them for taking a stance against DRM. What customer actually wants technology that reduces the value of their purchase?

Also on the CMCC site is Steven Page’s A Barenaked Guide to Copyright Reform in PDF format.

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Way to go, CMCC!!!

I have to confess, I’ve explored very little of the indie-music scene, and I’m gonna have to start visiting more frequently – especially these folks who are putting their futures on the line to fight against the anti-consumer practices of the big labels & studios.

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