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Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Maw!soft

There is a new podcast at the Indie Game Developer Podcast site. It’s an interview with Rohit from Maw!soft.

Rohit talked about how he got into game development and what his favorite games are. He talked a little about Boxen, the newest version of which I’ve seen evolve at the Chicago Indie Game Developer Club meetings. He also gave his views on the need for a single leader for a project.

By the way, I didn’t know that Maw!soft was pronounced that way.

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Hah, neither did I. I think I’m the biggest perpetuator of the mipronunciation :).

It’s interesting that you interpreted Rohit’s comments being about us needing a single team leader. Our entire development process is actually based on us not having a single lead. Rohit was mostly commenting on motivational\productivity problems that can still happen (and often happen more often) with a single developer or a single lead.

Rohit never comes to the meetings because he goes to school in Champaign at the University of Illinois (I think I mentioned that before.) He didn’t really talk about issues that come up with long distance development, our communication is entirely through AIM\email. He’ll be starting a job in Evanston in September, he should start showing up to the meetings around then.

Impossible: Well, Rohit did say “at least one person has to have a pretty clear idea of where they want the project going”. It may not need a single leader, but it does sound like there should be some guiding light there.

On the other hand, when I wrote the post, I had fast-forwarded through to get the gist. So, you’ve kind of caught me. B-)

Ah! Sorry Impossible if you mentioned that to me in the past and I forgot it… makes a lot more sense now. I s’pose I’ll meet ye eventually if you’re in Chicagoland and making games…. Thanks btw for agreeing to the interview… those types of things are always interesting to me. Next up, GBGames! : )

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