Blonde Joke Getting Out of Hand

Thomas Warfield has posted about the best blonde joke ever. It’s a good one so I thought I would post it here.

It’s also got the geek in me thinking. Who came up with it?

7 comments to Blonde Joke Getting Out of Hand

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  • I don’t exactly get it, I mean, I guess the idea is you keep clicking it forever and it’s supposed to be funny because a blonde is supposed to be stupid enough to do that?

  • You know, I don’t know if that is the case, but I just think it is interesting that so many people, like myself, have just been compelled to link to it. I don’t know where it starts, but I can’t find anyplace that says, “Hey, here is how to get in on this joke” either. People just DID it.

  • Yeah. What’s worse is people commenting saying it’s the best blonde joke. Like “Yeah that’s a good one.” “Had me laughing for hours” and so on. And i’m like laughing at what?


  • I was looking on technorati for “blonde joke”, and apparently this has been going on for years and in multiple languages. Wow, huh?

  • Yeah. Of course I think the best blonde joke ever is the fact that people keep linking to it, rather than people who click on the link 😉

  • That’s one way of looking at it. B-)