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Huge Game Industry? It Ain’t

Five Step Program to Move Beyond Game Geek Culture points out the fact that the game industry is actually a lot smaller than it should be.

It’s a good read, even though it takes a few paragraphs before you get to the five steps:

  1. Stop fixating on the current game market
  2. Stop listening to your gut
  3. Learn about product design
  4. Surround yourself with other perspectives
  5. Build an integrated business plan

Now, quite frankly, it is for the reasons given that I think Nintendo’s Project Revolution can do so well, even if the system will be underpowered compared to XBox and PS3. Will Nintendo will be able to convince people who didn’t buy games before to buy a game system to play games? I think that would be the main stumbling block. But R.O.B. got the original NES on shelves when no stores wanted to deal with video games after The Crash in the early 80s. I’m sure Nintendo can figure out how to market their projects.

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Aye, nintendo said the revolution graphics capabilities would be equal to XBox 360, you can find the story somewhere on

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Yeah, but even if the Nintendo system will be able to look the same, it still doesn’t do much in terms of appealing to people who wouldn’t already have a console system in the first place.

I would be interested in seeing if Nintendo’s Revolution becomes a “Family Computer” that would be considered normal next to the DVD player or stereo system.

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