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The Ocean Is My Limit So It Must Be Yours, Too

After Blog Day introduced me to some new blogs. I started reading through The Master Smiled and found Crossing the Ocean.

In this one, the Master points out that those who sailed the oceans first had to ignore the warnings of those who told them they couldn’t do so. He then wonders what it is that the naysayers actually were really saying.

The Master thought for a while, than he continued: They were saying: The ocean is my limit, and so it has to be yours too.

How many times has a person been told, “No, you can’t do it. No one has every done it before” and then listened? How many people wanted to become artists or poets but were convinced that they should take business courses? How many people wanted to start their own businesses but were warned away by how “insecure” and “hard” it would be?

Fewer responded to “You can’t do that!” with “The hell I can’t!”

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